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anybody bumped rear sprocket to 49T


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Some guys have went smaller (14T) on front sprocket, no problemo.... Going bigger on rear will probably require a new (longer) chain. If you run a chain guide, you may have to move (clearance) it a bit.

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Going smaller front is cheaper and easier.  The down side is less teeth to share the wear, especially if you have more low down torque.  

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So I upped my front to a 16T so run a 16-46 with my stock wheels. Dropped engine RPM at highway speeds about 500 rpm. I fitted a 47 to my Woody's offroad wheels so run a 16-47 with them. RPM came up about 200 at 100km/h. I could probably run a 48 rear, but I ran out of room with the chain adjusters. I've ridden some pretty knarly, rocky 1st gear single track up/down with that combo, and I find I abuse the clutch a bit more that I probably should, but the engine has plenty of grunt to pull it through. Not sure it would be happy in sand on a hot day, but if I was doing that consistently, I would switch back to the 15 front. The reason I run this gearing is I typically have a 2-3hr ride on the highway/gravel backroads to get to the good stuff, so it is my acceptable compromise.

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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