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AXP Racing Xtrem HDPE Skid Plate


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Any experience with this high density polyethylene plastic skid plate?  


AXP Racing Extreme Skid Plate


8mm thick HDPE with linkage protection.

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Mine had one from the previous owner. It works well, slides over obstacles smoothly and protects the rear linkage. All that said, I basically had to cut off the side wings to install my Heed Bunker crash bars. It still works fine, just doesn't look great and no longer protects the water pump. I installed an aluminum cover over the water pump to make up for that.🤷🏻‍♂️
Also, I've seen another thread talking about a set of headers that didn't fit with the AXP. My MaxTorqueCans full exhaust fits fine, with a quarter inch or so gap at the closest point. Haven't had any issues at all.

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I got one of these and really like it. It fit pretty well but I had one issues, one bolt hole at the front had to be elongated a bit to correct for the angle slightly off, so the bolt didn't want to go in, easy. It is quiet and has a lot of protection. Plus with the catalytic converter up front the skid plate has to hang way out and this being black its not so noticeable.

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In that fitting issues, AXP plate is probably not culprit.


Here's Cory from CamelADV explaining why it's normal and the right procedure (though he's talking about the CamelADV plate, but "issue" is the same):



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Is this compatible with the OEM center stand.


Also does it use the four long bolts that the OEM center stand mounts with?  Two on each side.

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