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Model #'s: XTZ7M, XTZ700, XTZ690


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What is the difference between the various Tenere 700 model designations?

  • My dealer's "Idaho Application for Certificate of Title" says my Tenere 700 is a "Model: Tenere 700" and a "Description: XTZ7MGY".
    • I've figured out the "GY" is the color code ("Ceramic Ice", in this case).
  • My Idaho Title lists the "MODEL" as "CYL".
  • My Idaho DMV Insurance website lists my "Model" as a "XTZ700".
  • In a phone conversation with the ID DMV today, they told me they looked up my VIN on the NHTSA webpage and said the model# should be "XTZ690".
  • I looked up my VIN on the NHTSA webpage myself and found my model number as "XTZ7MGY", so I think the DMV is mistaken.
  • My insurance company policy shows "Make/Model: XTZ7M".


I've searched through this forum for clarification on this and haven't found a definitive answer yet.


I have learned that when I search the internet for "XTZ690", I generally get hits from websites in Australia and New Zealand, so perhaps this is an Aussie p/n. "XTZ690" also seems to be the Tenere 700 part number on the official Yamaha.au page.


Part vendors seem to use the three numbers interchangeably, depending on how technical the parts are. 


This question arose because I received a "Notice of Pending Registration Suspension" from ID DMV for not having Liability Insurance in place on the Tenere. I do have insurance and easily corrected that DMV error by using their on-line verification system. However, I also have two other Yamaha motorcycles on the same insurance policy, so I am trying to figure out why the Tenere was flagged by the DMV and the FJR1300 and WR250R were not. My insurance company says they sent insurance verification for all three bikes to the ID DMV at the same time. I've verified that the VIN# matches everywhere. 


If you have any official sources that show the model numbers and what differentiates them, I'd be appreciative. Thx!

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XTZ is the code for the Ténéré models, they call it a T7 or Ténéré 700 but they mostly make it an even number but it is a 690cc engine so XTZ690 is the official simple or generic code.
Beyond that there often are codes that go deeper into the specifics to identify the bike to colour, model year and probably also type charactering like standard or rally.
Here in the Netherlands it's listed as XTZ 690 for the registration card and that's also what the insurance company's use.
To look up parts i use also the XTZ690 plus model year, didn't need much yet and only for tank or plastics you need the colour code.

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I'm having an issue renewing registration online for my T7. The Colorado online portal states unable to renew without valid insurance. My insurance company has the Tenere listed as 2021 YAMAHA TENERE 700 DUALPURP.  So now I have to find time to go in and get it resolved.  The VIN is right everywhere so I don't know why descriptions would matter much. 


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