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Hey everyone. I’m looking for some advice. I’ve had a world raid for a couple months. Nearly at 3000 miles. I’ve been riding a lot of off road and recently did the TET in the Peak District. The bike is mechanically stock, on stock tyres. I now have a set of tubed Motoz Rallz in my garage. With a 140 rear. I have a 2.5 excel rim kit on its way to convert the rear. Regarding the front, I know it should preferably be 1.85. But I’d like to know just how much difference it will make? I assume running it on the wider rim won’t have the same safety concerns of unseating like using the rear stock. But will it make it terrible to ride, make the off road benefits pointless? I’m prepared to convert it but my wallet is wanting. Thank you for your help, Jd

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I am confused?

I was pretty certain the wheels were the same on the new world rally and the original tenere 700.


Stock front wheel should already be 1.85.  Why do you think they it's not?




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Hey, thanks. I’ve been looking at so many numbers and specs of tyres and wheels. I’ve gotten myself confused. You’re quite right. The tyre recommends 1.6 but 1.85 is permissible. Good news. Just the rear to convert, my tyres have arrived. 👍🏻

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