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Denali D4 install issues


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I've had a wee bit of a search of all the lighting threads but I'm a bit of an electrical noob...


I've been trying to move my Denali D4's over from my Super Ten to the T7 and am having some issues.


When I got them, I also bought the harness (with a switch that is livened up once the high beams are turned on) that enabled a pretty quick install on the S10.  All I had to do was tap the high beam light and the hook everything up and all was good in the world.


I've located the high beam wire on the T7 and have hooked everything up but no joy.  Power is getting from the high-beam light to the switch but neither of the leds on the switch are working and of course no D4's.


What have I done wrong?  Or is there something weird about the T7?  Starting to suspect the switch but why would it give up and die on me - all was good when I last rode the S10...


Appreciate any help from you clever blokes.

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Thanks for the reply, that helped me find my problem.  The 0.9V was nowhere near enough to trigger my relay (funny that).


I've had to say good-bye to the ability to have the lights only come on if the high-beam and second switch on.  A bit of a shame as it's great being able to dip the main headlight and switch the Denali's off with the flick of the high-beam switch.




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Why can't you tap the wire feeding high beam? It must be running above 9V to liven the LEDs

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So the LEDs are only 0.9V?



Watching a few youtubes you tap the yellow high beam and run it to terminal 86 of your relay which ( correct if I am wrong ) is usually a positive feed but the yellow is negative.


I get the impression people are trying to power auxiliary lights direct from the high beam without using a relay. I was taught many years ago to always use a relay so you can draw power from your battery and not a smaller gauge hot wire.

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Please correct me if I am wrong. This my understanding.

The yellow wire on the high beam connector is 12vDC+ with the high beam off, and 0.9vDC with the high beam on.

If the earth return side of the auxillary relay coil is connected to the yellow wire, and then if  the other side of the relay coil is powered up by a 12vDC+supply, as with the low beam on, then the relay coil has a 12vDC+ at both sides of the coil, and it will NOT energise.

Switch the low beam off and high beam on, and the yellow wire allows connection to earth and the relay coil will energise, and power up the auxiliary lights.

It is also recommended to have an auxiliary relay fitted with a diode across the coil to block the back voltage generated to earth (ECU) via the yellow wire, the instant the relay coil is de-energised, which can be as high as 100vDC , damaging the ECU. 

Q1 Is the 0.9vDC on the yellow wire positive or  negative

Q2 Is an auxillary relay fitted with a resistor across the coil, better than a regular diode. Both are available.

I want to wire up some auxiliary spotlights on my T7, but don't want to fry the ECU.

Thanks Keith Atkinson

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