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Dash issues, Odometer correction


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My T7 had an issue with the clock on the dash. The clock wouldn't run. It allows you to set the time, but it'll remain at the time you set it. Occasionally, it'll move a minute forward, but that's maybe 1 minute every 6-8 hours of riding. I wanted to sell me bike, but I didn't want to sell it with something broken. I took it to my local dealer who consulted Yamaha, did some tests, and per Yamaha's recommendation, they replaced the dash unit under warranty. I got my bike back the other day and noticed it now had 0 miles on my ride home. At no point did the dealer tell me the odometer data is only stored in the dash and a replacement will reset it to 0. They told me there's nothing they can do to correct it.


So is that it for me? Are there really no ways to correct the odometer? I really don't want to sell it with "not actual" mileage and take the hit that that is going to give to the bikes value. This is such a stupid problem and I can't believe the only solution involves resetting the odometer.

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Most places have a law about replaced odometers, and that it requires you to placard/label somewhere the mileage before you replaced the odo. I popped open my dash unit to fix a signal LED that died on mine, and its basically going to be impossible to change the number unless the head unit manufacturer gets involved (it's not Yamaha) or Yamaha allows thats sort of thing through its diagnostics, which given peoples trust level in dealerships I don't think is gonna happen. 

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