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LED Turn Signal Question



I installed these turn signals about 800 miles ago: http://shop.12oclocklabs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=215


They have been working great.  I tapped the taillight to use the daytime running light function.  


I woke up today to an unexpected dead battery.  I rode the bike 5 days ago with no problem, and I haven't had a single issue with this bike in it's short 4800 miles of life.  The company I purchased from makes it seem like a relay isn't needed on the product description, but I'm wondering if that could have been the culprit?  I also have Oxford heated grips with the intelligent controller that SHOULD shut off when the bike turns off, but I have noticed occasionally it being turned on while I'm riding when I never turned it on, so it does seem possible that it has turned itself on while the bike is just sitting.  


I bought the Eastern Beaver box a couple of months ago but haven't installed it, so this might be the wakeup call to get it installed finally.  Does anyone have any guidance or advice for me?  I have never been one to plug my bike into the tender all the time, usually only if the bike is going to sit more than a few weeks, but my Triumph and KTM buddies swear by plugging it in 100% of the time when they're not riding it.


Would love someone with a better knowledge of electrical to smarten me up here.

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All the tail light and blinker circuits are powered off by the key, so the signal lights should not be your issue.


If you had the grip heaters on, didn't turn them off and you rely on the intelligent controller to power them down that may be the issue.  

I know how they are supposed to function as I also have a set installed on my bike.  But I never rely on that feature to shut them off.  

In my opinion you should always turn them off manually when leaving the bike.  The heaters stay on for a while when the bike is off and it certainly uses some power.  Is it your problem?  Who knows, but it would not surprise me there might be some controllers that stay on for longer than others and drain the battery too low.  Always possible you got a bad controller, but I have never had an issue with them on the last 4 or 5 bikes I used them.  


If you are sure it's turning on by itself give Oxford a call.  Maybe they have seen this before and will supply a new  controller?


I have never had an issue with my battery getting low, but running them through an easter beaver box is a great idea if you have one.


Sometimes you just get a bad battery that doesn't last as expected.

I have never had to plug a bike in when ever it's sitting.  If that is needed to keep a battery ready for the next ride then something else is going on or the battery is on it's last legs.  


I would rather find out by battery is dead before leaving my garage.  No fun finding a dead battery some morning of an overnight trip or leaving work at the end of the day, that was masked because I plugged it in overnight at home.



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Oxford shut off is intended to save battery if you forget to turn them off. Check the manual, I think it will shut off at 11.0, maybe 10.5v 

Best to put the grip controller on switched power then you know they turn off with key off. 
Eastern Beaver is quality stuff!

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