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Good spot to hide tracker?


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It depends on its size. For a decent signal transmission, choose a place high up on the bike, not surrounded by metal.


This means either below the plastic tank cover or below the rear plastics (easier to install, but also easier to find).

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I have it under the saddle. I don't think it is the best place but couldn't find a better place yet.


Perhaps the point where the side fairing and fuel tank meets can be used with some sealed nylon bag or a better material to hide and protect. Alternatively the under rear side panels also seem fine to me. An important thing is to not put under or inside metal parts(like swingarm) to reduce/block GPS signal.


My setup has been tested once "sadly". They stole my bike and put it somewhere to check if it was being tracked and yes it was being tracked 🙂 So I brought it back home. Thanks to Monimoto.

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It'd put it behind the front side panels.

"What the hell's a 'farkle'? Oh... I... have all the farkles." 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

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19 hours ago, SamiNami said:


Im going to buy a monimoto for my T7. What would a good place be to hide the tracker on the t7?

Since the battery can last up to a year I would suggest putting it under the tank. It is about a 15 minute job to lift the tank when you have done it before. 

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4 hours ago, SamiNami said:

Is there really space under the tank?

Isn’t the tracker about the size of double stacked silver dollars?

I wasn’t under there long but there should be space for that 


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