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"Urine specimen" fluid reservoirs..


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What is going on with models that have that dumb clear plastic cup with a lid, on the handlebars, for brake and clutch fluid...


Most bike manufacturers have figured out how to put the fluid in a tidy, metal, low profiled containment that is right next to the associated lever control.


I know,  this should not bother me.  After owning 7 motorcycles that did not have the pee cup (s) why do they exist on some bikes new and prior?



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Function over design.

Lighter, cheaper and easier to fix.

You only see them now on race and dirtbikes. Racebikes where every gram counts and dirtbikes where the grams also count but most of all you can break it in a crash. I even think it will break not as easy as the cast aluminium ones.

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I would much prefer that design over what we have on our T7.


Easier to see level, you can tilt your levers and still keep the reservoir level.  

Screws don't corrode and then make it hard to remove the lid.


I just sold a R6 brake setup before I bought my T7.  Wish I had l kept it as I would have installed it on my bike.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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Cost mostly I think.  The plastic one is cost saving, just like the clutch cable over the hydraulic clutch system.  I remember seeing a brand new Honda cbr 1000 rr in a showroom years back.  It was the red white and blue with gold rims and I fell in love with it as I've always wanted a bike with gold rims since I saw them on a CBR in the early 80's. 


Anyway I threw a leg over it and the salesman went into his pitch when I noticed the cable.  "What's with the clutch cable"  I said?   Well he didn't have a good enough answer for me so I walked.  I though to myself, "if they have cheaped out on this and the plastic brake reservoir what else have they cheaped out on?"


I'm sure they are fine, and they save weight of course, but on a street bike I would have preferred the reliability of hydraulics.  My bmw has a cable, but that's ok, it has the autoblipper too so I never hardly use the clutch.


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