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Rally seat


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Hey now,


Anyone have snags with seat install? I do, it fights the tabs on the cross bar every time. Also, my tail bag will fit the stock two piece bit there’s not much room under the rear of the rally seat by the latch to fit my tail bag. 

I’m short 5’8” with a 30 inseam and have lowered the bike 20mm to run the rally seat. The stock seat has my no ass/crack-back hurting after about 90 minutes. I prefer the rally seat for comfort and the knee bend but really want to be able to have the tail bag on the seat and a hard case on the rear rack for traveling. 

Anyone mount a tail bag with straps under the rally seat?



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I never raise the seat and put straps underneath for any luggage @Yamablueridge, on any bike, as I like to just throw them on over the top, and tie down, for quick loading and unloading. I have the swmotech tail rack and have to use the rearwards setting to allow the seat to be removed, and it’s still close. I can keep loads of kit under the seat but tend not to for stuff I want quick access to. But the seat fit on the bike is bang on accurate. 

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Thanks Dougie. Did 154 miles yesterday and the extra cushion of the rally is worth the minor inconvenience of the install and forgoing the tail bag on the seat.


Installed this rack, after some modifications, it’ll do - https://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Luggage-Extended-Accessories-Tenere700/dp/B09SWDM2HV/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1JSRHVFH11WTY&keywords=fayedenicy+tenere&qid=1666518224&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIwLjc0IiwicXNhIjoiMC4wMCIsInFzcCI6IjAuMDAifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=fayedenicy+tenere%2Caps%2C68&sr=8-3


I didn’t like the attachment under the seat that hits two of the four tail bolts, so I lopped them. It won’t hold a massive amount of weight but it’s fine with the little tail bag and I’m hunting a cheap hard case for traveling. 



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I had a tail bag on my rally seat - ties passed under it 

I’d gab a pic but look it off last week

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@Yamablueridge I have the Rally seat and a CamelADV rack.  They are at the same height and I often use bags on the rack that extend over the seat. 


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