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950 mile MT ID loop


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Adv bozeman-teton-medicine lodge


Awesome 950 mile loop, solo, fall colors, and also void of most tourist so the roads were quiet except for the sound of the akro exhaust.  I took three days to do this loop staying in hotels found along the way. It's also worth noting that the cost to stay in hotels, prices also drop during off peak tourist season. With a short window and winter quickly approaching I dropped everything, packed a few supplies and hit the road. 


 Day 1 highlights were skalkaho hwy, Camp cr rd that links Melrose to Twin Bridges....this road had so much chunky flow dirt that I wanted to go back and hit it twice.  Virginia City. And lastly, a possible trespassing tix I walked into while trying to link up Ennis to Big Sky. Big Sky is big money, locked gates, and inflated egos. I thought I could simply skirt around any mischief but I was wrong. You'll see my out and back in the map....if you do this route don't take the roads headed east out of Ennis. It'll save you about $180 in fines. Made it to Bozeman just before dark on hwy 84 along the Madison River. With more time a quick stop at Norris Hotsprings would ha e been sweet. Absolutely beautiful road all the way into the hustle and bustle of the boom town that is bozangelas. Dave's Sushi for dinner with my three kids and a room at the Sapphire Motel.


Day 2 Hwy 191, good slab for 90 miles and then highlights of the day. Big Springs in Island Park, Fish Cr Rd, Ashton Flagg Rd and Teton Nat Park. Riding Teton Pass at rush hour and in the dark wasn't that enjoyable. It'd be much more fun to have open roads and an open throttle. Driggs Id for dinner and another hotel. Super 8. Less than 100 bucks. Not bad.


Day 3 started out cold as Shet and my grip heaters felt like they weren't working, they were. So I'd stop every 20 minutes to warm them by the exhaust. With a 7:30am depart and 26deg, the sun popping up over the tetons started to feel good. Slab for 50 miles and then fun roads and sand dunes of Saint Anthony. By 10am the weather shifted to near perfect, I stripped off a layer or two, three on some lighter gloves. Because for the rest of the day my tires were going to be mostly in dirt. With no beta on routes from St Anth to Dubois I just tok the path of less use. This area is very sandy and has large sections of volcanic rock. The rock, or chicken heads as we call them are enough to make you ride conservatively for fear of a flat. So much fun finding a route through. Dubois and fuel. The next section was about 150 miles of dirt to Jackson Hotsprings Montana following the old Bannack Pass rd. Or Old Medicine Lodge Rd which ever you prefer to call it. This dirt road goes on forever and is about as good and flows as it gets. It's also void of people so I let the T7 Bark. 5th gear, high rims dang this bike is so frigging rad. Definitely the highlight of the day. Bloody Dick road to Jackson Hotsprings. And running short on time made me divert from my original plan to take slab for the next 80 miles to get home before dark. 


Such a rad loop, thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy ! Pics are kinda in order.





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Very nice. Yes this is the best time for riding!!

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