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Some new competition????


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It's more of a touring bike imho... similar like an AT.

For me, no competition to the T7.

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Not the same league as the T7, but will probably suit some people who thought the T7 was for them, but isn’t quite right.

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It's beautiful! (In White)

Four riding modes (Bla Bla Bla)

I wish it had cruise control. (Bummer)

Self Cancelling Indicators. (Hurray)

Stainless spokes (+)

Tube tires (I was hoping for tubeless)

Seat height & weight (about the same as T7)

Power (90hp)


As a street/touring bike, it may have an advantage

As a dirt bike, the T7.


T7 or Transalp, who wins??? (The consumer, both great bikes)

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Looks really good, as a previous CB500X owner, Honda makes some great bikes, all with terrible suspension lol. 


I like the hinged gas cap and side profile, it needs a rally seat option though as that bucket looks constraining. That said, they squeezed a good amount of HP from that 755cc, and it's fuel efficient. If the center of gravity is lower than the T7, and the shocks can be redone, It maybe easier on certain trails to handle. The top heaviness of the T7 is a downer, on some trails I had more confidence on the CB500X in that regard, so Honda may have balanced things better. 


And hopefully Honda can actually deliver the bikes, unlike Yamaha who are still struggling to get bikes to customers 2 years later, and EU got them a year earlier. Getting a bike vs waiting could the deciding factor for a lot of people. 

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Yamaha definitely instigated a good thing a couple years ago. Just look at all those options now! I’ll be sticking with the original T7. Not a high turn over, bored easily type in need of the latest greatest or something new. 

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Comparison of specs probably suggests the Transalp leans slightly more to "Street tourer" but a full suspension upgrade and decent set of tyres plus a few more bolt on farkles and it's looking pretty dirt worthy, Afterall these are are standard upgrades the T7 badly needs. If Honda can restrain their Ride away price they might get a bit of the market.

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