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Oh I gonna need some different tyres


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So my third comutte day is over , have added me R6 throttle tube , 16t sprocket coming too , I have joined Glass in uk to find local green lanes , lots of un cropped fields about , the factory tyres are arse nipping in the mud , but need a comutte tyre to , the choices are huge , not a clue where I was on my way home , found a huge flood to plough thru , this bike is amazing . Love it 63E07CB0-3CD4-48DA-9E67-C750F50DA8AA.jpeg.f46157f88c5179ebc9eed121c0762982.jpeg

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The stock tires are great onroad but middling to poor offroad.  Fine for someone with a lot of experience but problematic otherwise.


I'd suggest a strong 50/50 tire personally, one that's still very good on road but also much better offroad where you need it more.


I run Motoz GPS tires, which do very well particularly in the cold and damp - and on that note what you want to look for is tires with a high silica content.  These will grip better at low temps and in water, things that are pretty common in the UK.  These are great offroad, but of particular note is that they're also very good commuter tires as they're quiet and get 12,000+ miles per set.


I run Motoz GPS Spring through Autumn here in Alberta, Canada, and switch over to Adventures with studs for winter riding.  The knobby adventures are a louder and wobblier on the side of the tire on road, but bite into snow better as they lack the center band the GPS uses for silence and longevity.

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