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T7 2022 Euro 5 Throttle Body Sync


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Hello everyone.


I was about to do my 2022 Euro 5 T7 Throttle body sync and I realized that it differs a little compared to the previous T7 models. On previous year models as seen in other discussions of this forum the left side throttle body is connected with the hose to the sensor which makes it a primary throttle body, meaning only the right one needs to be adjusted.


But on my bike the right side throttle body is connected with the hose to the sensor (not the left side as on other bikes I´ve seen) and the left side throttle body has the rubber vacuum line cap. (somehow it is switched) see the picture of the left side Throttle Body with adjusting screw and the vacuum line cap.



So my question is, does that mean that on my bike the primary throttle body (the one which I should not touch / adjust) is the right one and not the left as on other previous models?


Are there any 2022 euro 5 owners who could confirm this?

On my previous Yamaha bikes there is usually a splash of paint on one of the throttle body adjustment screws indicating that it is a primary one and not to be touched, but on mine I do not see anything.


Thanks in advance!! 🙏

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@Hollybrook good to hear mine is not the only one 😁 so the question remains wether the right one now is the primary one.. I cannot find anywhere the 2022 service manual, all of them I see are 2020 edition.

@Lewie I'm still working on it, just changing the spark plugs, new engine oil + filter, checking electrical connections,  checked o2 sensor and now want to check the throttle bodies while everything is stripped down anyway, but I'm lost at the moment since I don't know which throttle body is the primary one.. 🙈


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First of all I dont understand how can you SYNC your TB's with only one of them hooked up to a gauge - they are need to be synced *one to the other* - how would you compare values between them if your taking a reading just from one of them?
The "primary throttle body" is a nice story but mechanically it doesnt make any sense as its a twin cylinder engine with identical TB's so there's no "primary", just the fact that this ECU/ FI system needs readings just from one of the TB's to operate the FI system, hence one sensor and not 2
You need to hook both of them to a gauge if you want to actually do the procedure of TB SYNC as the name states - one side straight to the gauge and the other side with a T junction that sits between the sensor and the TB hose - to the gauge.

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On 8/18/2023 at 6:03 PM, quakeman3 said:

so  how are the throttle body  tuner hoses hooked up then? 

Both of the TB's has a golden vacuum port ready for a vacuum hose - one is connected to the sensor, the other one is capped with a removable rubber plug.

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