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Euro 5 Exhaust Header Choices



I have a 22 t7 and am looking for a list or suggestions about what headers will work with the rest of the remaining stock  pipe and muffler. I’m flashing my ECU and want to delete the cat. 


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I’m super happy with the black widow header. 



The black widow will fit the stock can. While the stock can is not a restriction, it’s super heavy. I went with the full system and the sound with the baffle installed isn’t much more than stock.


I dig how the header turned a sweet gold after run in and it clears the camel bash easily, really nicely tucked. 

The muffler and mount survived a drop without any damage too. Another bonus is the exhaust shipped & landed in 5 days to the east coast. 

I have no affiliation with Black Widow, although I might use this pimping for a discount on my next pipe…









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Took a huge risk buying the titanium header off AliExpress and actually surprised it showed up and pleased with the quality.    Just did the initial fit check installation last night (pictures to follow) and it works with the stock muffler, but I'm looking at doing a custom "enduro bend" high exhaust removing the stock hanger (so the can isn't pushed so far aft).  A couple drawbacks noticed is there is no rear mount bracket to attach to the stock rear mount (may not be necessary but will likely improvise something) and the tube diameter is smaller than I expected (haven't measured) with the termination flaring slightly up to the stock slip on diameter (without gasket).  One major up side is about a 5 lb weight reduction over stock with more to come on the midpipe and can.






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4 hours ago, deanso said:

ah, you really can't post this without pics 😉. Do you have a link to the aliexpress page at least?

Photos added.

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If replace the headers do you still need the Euro 5 skid plate?


That carbon plate you have looks nice,

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