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Which Side Rack? Rally Raid vs AS


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I cannot decide between Rally Raid and Adventure Spec side racks.

I am planning to hang Mosko Moto Reckless 80L on them, and I need to choose the one that can handle crashes better and not bend in. 

Adventure Spec side rack connects to the exhaust holder, I see it as a down side? I dont know.

Which one is tougher? All help is appreciated:)


**Uploaded pictures are not mine**



A set of powder coated, simple, lightweight rear luggage plates designed to keep your soft luggage from folding under your back wheels.






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I have no experience or exposure to AS racks other than pics I've seen online, but the Rally Raid racks that came with my T7 when I bought it lightly used are very beefy and I can't imagine the hit required to bend them. Only one drop on mine so far when soft panniers were fitted, but it was pretty gentle and the pannier absorbed impact with the rock surface.


A piece that bolts to the right side rack also bolts to and supports the OEM exhaust hangar for protection against bending, but because I've fitted a Huzar muffler and mid-pipe I've removed that extra piece from my RR side rack as unnecessary. The size of the RR racks allows fitment of Nelson-Rigg Hurricane soft panniers (corner straps from each bag around/through each of the RR rack's four corners), and I'm not sure that would be possible with the AS design so your intended usage may drive which rack to buy. Even though I hadn't chosen the RR racks the first time around, I'm glad I have them and would buy them in a heartbeat.








Yamaha T7 Soft Luggage Racks-RRP 632 (rally-raidproducts.co.uk)


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@Oxxa the AS luggage racks doesnot connect to the exhaust holder. Its connects with a bracket to the frame where the duo steps are on. You can mount the AS with or without the duo steps. I have the AS, only cos i found them better looking.

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I own the World Raid model (available in Europe).

I purchased the racks from Adventure Spec but the mounting hardware was hitting the side panels and therefore returned them.

I found and bought a 2nd hand luggage side racks from Rally Raid.


So, comparing them by holding them, I would say that Adv. Spec are much lighter and "flexible".

The Rally Raid are much heavier and look much stronger. Also, their connection points and the exhaust holder for extra support is a bonus.

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