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*Sold* 2023 Yamaha Tenere

Zebco Kid

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Back in early 2022 I was trying to purchase a Tenere. I live in the SF Bay Area, and was calling all over the country to find a dealer who had one in stock. No success. I burned out on the search, so I decided to pre-purchase a bike from my local dealer (very small country dealer). They don’t get a lot of inventory.


In the meantime, I put myself on a waiting list with a large dealer in Southern California. About 2 months ago, that dealer (large 5 store urban dealer) called and said they had a bike ready. I drove to LA to purchase it.


That wait was 7 months. During that time I acquired the accessories that would make my Tenere what I want: Bash Plate, Crash Bars, Lights, Tail Tidy, Rack, etc. The bike is all I want it to be.


Yesterday I received a call from my country dealer that my Tenere will be here next week. The only change is that it will be a 2023. Not the worst news in the world! 


Obviously, I don’t need two Tenere bikes, and since I’ve already outfitted my 2022, I’m going to keep it. I want to sell my 2023 for the exact price I am paying, as it is brand spanking new. I will pick it up next week. I’m expected the out the door price to be $14,720.40. That includes the “list price”…which we all know is BS, plus the freight, setup, tax, etc.


I hope the moderators allow this post to go through. I know it’s a bit unusual, but it’s a great opportunity to get a new bike and spare the many months of waiting. You will have to pick it up or contract it to be transported to your home. The bike is 30 miles north of San Francisco. 








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Doesn't make any sense for the buyer to pay taxes twice (covering both yours and their own).  Since you're just asking for what you'd be paying why not save yourself the aggravation and not be out of pocket at all and simply let someone else buy it? 

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That would be great…but I’ve already paid.


I’ll spare the story and post it on Cycle Trader. Someone might want it…and the price isn’t so important. 

Living for today, and amortizing the smiles over the cost comes out well. That’s what I do.


In other words, time is running out. Getting older, diagnosed with MS, broke back, brother with Leukemia. I’m not waiting for anything if I can help it.


Thanks for the thought. This is one of those things where good does bad. I am a man of my word. I made the deal, and didn’t want to go back on my promise. Oh well, there are worse sins.




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two T7s must be TWICE the fun!  hope you off-load it soon, and that bike #1 keeps on adding smiles and memories.

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Good morning. Picked up the brand news 2023 Tenere on Friday. I didn’t even ride it home. Brought it home on a carrier.


The price is $13,750 with warranty.

Rather than spending the next 8 months (as I did)  to a year on a waiting list, you can be out riding.


Hopefully this is just what you thought you were going to be waiting for, but now it’s yours.


Located in Novato, CA (30 miles north of San Francisco).











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