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Trade 2022 T7 blue wheels for black?


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So, I kind of like making my bikes unique to me, meaning I add different parts and go with different looks so to not look like the usual showroom bikes, like many of us. Sometimes graphics, sometimes different color plastics. 

So on this one, I have a 2022 Tenere 700 in Blue. I use to have the 2020 in black and always wanted it solid black with the Yamaha blue wheels for just a little color, but could never find them. Sold that bike a year ago, regretted it and bought another. So now I'm thinking it might be kind of cool to have the black rims on this blue bike. I love the blue rims and if it doesnt happen, no big deal. Just would make it unique, and your bike as well. So these only have 900 miles on them and are mint., Very few imperfections. If you are interested, we could talk about doing a trade and I'm open to trading them with the tires as well. Doesnt matter what you have on them as I have other tires that i could install if they dont work for me. These are almost brand new aggressive Mitas E-10 and E-09. 


Anyways, this is just a thought and way to spark a conversation. I live in Washington State, Bellingham, and willing to meet someplace in the State as I'm not sure how shipping would work, or how much it could cost. 


So if you're interested in some almost new Yamaha Blue wheels and tires and trade for your black set, let me know and let's chat! 






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