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Comaring 2021, 2022 and 2023 (EU)


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Hi all,


Hope you can help a newbie like me out!


I'm looking to buy my first T7, and I've got my eyes on a 2021 Heritage White at a great price (new from dealer).


NOTE: I'm buying within the European Union.


I've got the cash to buy a 2023 one (the Tech Camo color way is a close second to the Herritage White), but I'd like to go with the latest innovations/updates.


The main differences I can find between the model years is a TFT screen and LED blinkers for the 2023. But I'm guessing there must be other differences in-between the model-years?.. using Yamaha's own comparison tools; the spec sheets are identical (except for the updates I've already mentioned) - but this comparison "tool" covers only the most basic things like shocks and engine specs.


So my question is this: do you guys know of any - big and small - differences between the models? Most valuable information would be 2021 versus 2023 - because the price differences between the 2022 and 2023 are almost negligible, at least with the dealers I'm looking at.


Any and all nuggets of information would be much appreciated!


EDIT: I should note that I am a complete newbie, so if you could do me the favour to "explain it like I'm five"-ish, it would be a real help!



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I'm thinking the '21 Euro models didn't have the cat in the header and '22 & '23 models do. The only other difference I recall hearing was that the Euro '23 model ABS features varied a bit from prior models.  If the color TFT doesn't make much difference to you and the price on the '21 is really sweet I'd go for the '21, especially if you're digging on the color.

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The euro 4 or euro 5 rating might be a consideration if you live in a built up area that has or is considering bring in emissions access restrictions.  

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7 minutes ago, TéNéRéLOADED said:

That's my 2021 model with a catalyzer behind the heatshield (Euro 5).




All EU models from 2021 on are Euro5 already.

The ONLY difference between 21 and 22 models is colour.


Apart from TFT and the more sophisticated ABS modes (front and rear / front only / off) the 23 models have a USB jack already (good, saves you some work) and are "prepared for quickshifter" - nobody cares about that. 


If you want to run a high exhaust later, you probably can't keep the OEM LED indicators anyway (too big for most tail tidys). A high exhaust requires a tail tidy.


See this thread as well:


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