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How much range in shock preload?



OK maybe a premature question but it's bugging my grey cells...


Just got my 2022 and I'm about 155lbs naked.  Bouncing my butt on the seat, I can hardly tell the difference between dialing in all the way in versus out.  I know, I need to have a friend help me get hard measurements. 

But on my KTM Duke 790 and Triumph Daytona, there is a noticeable difference in playing with the preload on those bikes.  Though both of them have the old fashioned threaded collar instead of our supposedly fancier twisty knob.  


Has anyone had a failure of that knob?  Or I seem to recall someone else saying that their bike only had like 1cm difference in the preload?

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@Endopotential To confirm the preload adjuster is ok, unwind the adjuster all the way counterclockwise to take out all the preload. Look at the shock at the top of the spring. Then wind the adjuster all the way clockwise and compare the gap just above the spring with how it looked when fully counterclockwise. Should be next to no gap when full counterclockwise, and approx. 1 cm (10 mm) of preload at full clockwise. That's plenty to change sag, and at your weight the OEM spring is probably good to get your bike to the correct rider sag. 

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Thanks, that was good advice.  In the light of day, I can see there's about 1cm of potential shock compression with the preload adjuster.


But you guys weren't kidding about the soft rear spring!  I'm on the lighter end of things, and the rear feels quite bouncy.  So far it feels fine on the road, but I can see why people may need a beefier setup.

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