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Aftermarket Air Filters... Best?


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Hi all, looking to upgrade to a new pre-filter/filter and was wondering what you have installed and why?  Also, would you or have you had to have your ECU reflashed to reflect the new filter set up? 

I reside in Canada, so the closest solutions the better. 

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Funnel Web filter and prefilter.

Or Unifilter; the original Aussie made pair

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The stock filters seem to do a good job of filtering the dirt

(Pictures courtesy of @Camel ADV )





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I'm using Unifilter pre filter, they are the cheaper option, yes they will wear holes in them from rubbing on the underside of the tank eventually, but I got over 10000km before this was an issue, cleaned up and a dab of silicon in the hole and still using, I carry two extra preoiled with me on long rides, rarely ( almost never) have to clean the main filter.

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3 hours ago, katana said:

I have 2 FWF filters for my KTM 300.  They are a pain to clean.

Something I didn't consider about FWF.

Unifilter is a breeze to clean.

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I run the stock filter with the snorkel removed and a Twin Air pre-filter.  The stock filter is still pristine even when the pre-filter gets dirty.   


My ECU was flashed by 2WDW for this setup with a CamelADV exhaust. 


If I had to do it over again, I would do the same. 

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