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From Portugal with love


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Hello there!


I'm Eduardo from Portugal. I got my "standard" T7 8 months ago, to the day actually 😄

At first I only wanted a bigger MT07 (fell in-love with the CP2 engine during my driving lessons) that could do some light off-road, just dirt/gravel roads really. That all changed when I did my first trail ride in September. Altough today I'd call it really easy, I dropped my bike some 3 times unnecessarily. So in early November I took and off-coarse and things took a turn... Now I mostly just ride it to go off-roading 😂


I'm here to look for advice on what is worth doing to my T7 to turn it into an off-road menace! And also to share whatever I can about my expirience, albeit a limited one. I still have a lot to learn.

I thank you all in advance for all the advice and your time to write it for all of us!



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First time posting on this forum. Just bought by t7 last week! I'm looking at a lot of performance parts for my new baby so I know how much these parts are.

I read that you took an offroad course and thats great, but that suggests to me you dont have a lot of dirt experience.
My experience: been riding enduro and motocross for the last 15 years.
I dont envy you trying to learn a lot of basic off-road skills on such a heavy bike. My suggestion is take some of that money and buy a small offroad bike to learn all the basic skills. Something old and cheap that you can drop 1000 times. Once you destroy that old bike you can confidently ride your nice (and heavy) t7.

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Welcome Eduardo.
My first offroad experience since my young teen years was with a Honda Crosstourer, then a XTZ660 and a year later the T7.
Making it an offroad menace you have to look for what YOU need and use other peoples advice only as a guide , don't add something because someone said it is great  because when it turns out not great for you in the end it's useless weight.
Weight is your enemy as it is already a heavy bike.
With the next tyre change i also do my last big change, i go from the standard 4" rear rim to a 2,5". Main reason to be able to run a 140 tyre the right way and it will save some weight and that counts double as it is unsprung weight.
I did too much to address here but if you're interested you can check my website where i keep blogs from everything i do to and with the bikes (still have the Crosstourer as a workhorse). You can find my site at www.ride4life.nl.


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Welcome Eduardo from Australia.

Ride the bike like it was designed to do and you will love it.

I have said a few times before, keep it simple.

Have a look at RideADV youtube  reviews for some great information.

Just Google and click videos

These bikes are their bread and butter at the moment.

Remember it is a big bike and not an Enduro.

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