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Lock off front for transporting?

Jone Urstad

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I am picking up my new T7 bike tomorrow, and it is a 4 hour ride to get home.

Should I remove the front fender and place a block of wood between the lower triple clamp and the front tire?

If so, does anyone know the height between the top of the tire to the bottom of the lower triple clamp?

And also how much distance there is between the inner fork tubes.

I am transporting the bike in an open hitch with a front wheel chock.

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No need to block nor restrict the front fork movement.


The most important part is tie the front fork down enough it compressed a bit yet not fully compressed to allow some bounce.


And you said you have front wheel chock, that is usually a big plus already.

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I use fork block only in enduro bikes where suspension seems bounce a lot when over roughy roads


in road bike I do as said above, pull down 1/3” stroke of forks. Then I double it up with backup straps

east of one strap loosens it has a backup.


I then strap from the foot pegs forward and use the excess from strap and tie this around the rear wheel to trailer. That means the rear shock can still move on roughy road but wheel itself is locked solid 


id needs be one over swing arm at wheel



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