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KLR to T7...anyone done it?


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So after decades of street only riding, I bought a KLR 3 years ago and jumped into the whole "adventure" thing.  Steep learning curve, with my share of drops and scapes to the bike.  The KLR was perfect- not too powerful, super cheap to buy and own, relentless and reliable, and a huge aftermarket.


Its time to move onto something with more grunt and capability.  Note that I have several great pure streetbikes, including a tracer 900 GT- so I only ride the KLR unless I am heading to some dirt exploration.  The KLR fit the bill, but it is underpowered and kind of primitive.


Has anyone made the move from a well farkled KLR like mine to a T7?  Any perspectives to add?



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Just Do it....  If you like the dirt & adv riding aspects, just do it, there are no drawn backs. Nothing but improvement, suspension that works, good ground clearance with reasonable seat height, reliable fantastic engine, brilliant lights, nice brakes and modern to boot. You just need to let go of some money.

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I ride a KLR650 now and I have ordered a T7 because it is everything the KLR should be. Double the horses and much better off road suspension.

I love my tractor but can’t wait for my Black T7.

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