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Corroded Electrical Connectors


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So while installing my new Acerbis tank today, I decided to replace my spark plugs, and do the wiring 'thing' so I can get at my coils and plugs without disassembling the bike. In doing so, I disconnected all of the harness plugs on the right side of the frame under the tank in order to remove the wiring support tray that's in the way of accessing the plugs. Anyway, upon separating all of the connectors, I discovered that all we either filthy dirty, or corroded, or both . Any I live in the middle of the prairies where moisture is cherished, but NOT common.


So, after a thorough cleaning, a liberal amount of dielectric grease, all is back together for what should be the last time.


So, my tip is: if you are ever under the tank, disconnect all of these connectors, and clean them out and apply some dielectric grease on them. It might save you down the road a few years with trouble free electrics.


PXL_20230306_214231342 small.jpg

PXL_20230306_214243258 small.jpg

PXL_20230306_214250051 small.jpg

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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A can of CRC dielectric grease lives on my bench within arms reach.  I've used on on everything from turn-signal connectors, O2 sensors, ECU connectors.


Yamaha sells something like 4.5 million motorcycles a year.  50 cents a bike (materials+labor) to coat and protect the connections would cost them over 2 million dollars a year.  The pencil pushers ain't signing off on that.  😉 

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ACF-50 does work as well on connectors (and PCBs and...).


It's so versatile that I've considered mixing it with Old No. 7 as an after-dinner cocktail 😏

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