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Fairing bolts expensive!


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Hello all,


was installing the USB charger in front of my dashboard on the T7, and during the teardown I noticed that the previous owner replaced one of the standard fairing bolts with a generic one.


Also one of the original bolts is corroded a bit and wanted to change it to a nicer looking one.


The type number is : 90149-05042 for the bold - but their go for stupid money in my opinion! 3 euro's is not an exception - which I found a rip-off.


Somebody got a better / cheaper alternative? Not looking for anodized, colored bolts or something, just nice looking, OEM looking bolts.



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Yikes! I had this issue with my BMW as well, I typically just figured out the thread size and length and purchased a stainless steel equivalent at the local hardware store. Unfortunately, this Sometimes results in a mismatch of hex or torx heads.  Once I replaced all the screws on my windscreen just so they would all match (it was cheaper than buying 1 or 2 OEM)

I feel for your dilemma….

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Are those the little grey bolts with the shouldered bit and a torx/8mm head?


I also thought of changing them all out for nice stainless ones, but they want to be ones with a similar shoulder bit on them or i can see the plastic squishing out and cracking over time. An ebay search of stainless shoulder bolts brings up some examples that may work, as long as you get the right size.


What is it with modern bikes and having a million different types of unique fasterners...

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Not sure what is available to you guys on the other side of the Pond, but here in the States I've found Amazon to be a cheap source.  Else a place like McMaster Carr or Fastenal are the definitive shops for any fastener you could dream of. 


You can replace every single fairing bolt on the Tenere with this for $10.  I think the actual bolt size is 6mm; the heads can be whatever size or shape you want.


M6-1.0 x 10mm Flat Head Hex Socket Cap Screws Bolts, 304 Stainless Steel 18-8, Connector Bolts Screws for Furniture, Bed, Chairs, Bright Finish, Full Thread, Pack of 30 https://a.co/d/dxCONVt


We have nothing to complain about with our T7.  I have a Buell that uses a hodgepodge of metric, SAE and Torx bolts with parts from all over the world.


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If the way it looks doesn't bother you as much then replacement for them are stainless steel button socket or hex socket bolts, used along with stainless steel washers + nylon washers to do the job.

They will work just as well for fairings and other plastics that need to stay on the bike.

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I got some stainless ones from amazon.de. Originally used for Aprilias, they also fit BMWs G650X fairings. I found out that those are nearly the same size as the fairing bolts from the T700. They look great and fit well.

Those bolts are shipped in packages of 10 for € 6,00 plus handling.




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