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Newbie world raid


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Hi guys 

I am here from the dark side bmw f800 GS  poss order 2022 world raid £10700 new. What do you think ref price .? 3 week delivery 



TKC 80 

HP corse high exhaust ( any experience)

high fender 

headed grips 

acabicas hand gards Xfactor PS anyone hand any experience fitting ? I would like to keep the OEM bar waights.

yoshimura tail tidy 

16 tooth sprocket ( any experience) 


thank you guys 


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Congratulations, You did well with the price 👏🏻, (I only got £350 off, but that was when it had just been released). I have Barkbusters on mine and they do a bar end weight/protector which I use. I am thinking about putting a 16t front sprocket as many have positive comments about doing so, but if going green laning a lot, probably best to stick with oem stock one. I have the KOSO heated grips (long version) and although they don’t get BMW hot, they are adequate but nice and grippy.


I run with a Akrapovic silencer (got a very good deal from the dealer), so can’t comment, but theres plenty of YT vids on them. I’ve only done about 5K on mine since getting it, so still on the STR’s (which I like, for the road), but am starting to think about what will be next. 


Is yours the fastest colour, or did you op for the best looking colour ;o), we need a photo or two to make your thread worthy  ;o). 

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I have gone for the black option as it will leave it more open for decals.

no photos at the moment as everything gets confirmed in around three weeks time . I have noticed lots of people have put the acabics hand guards, but it seems like there is a bit of faffing around. I do want to keep the bar ends on to stop any vibration.

 There isn’t many guys on the forum who have got the world raid. my original concern was how it would sit on the motorway at 70/80 MPH  as I have done a couple of trips down to Morocco. I didn’t want something that would be revving its balls off that’s why I looked into the 16 tooth sprocket.

I must say it wasn’t too bad with the 15 tooth, but everybody says it’s like having an extra gear with a 16 tooth sprocket.

apologies if I don’t reply, I feel weak as I am off the grid.

thanks paul

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Sorry, forgot to mention any photos of your bike it sounds fantastic I like the mods you have done.🤘🤘

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