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Front sprocket



I watched an online review where the reviewer rides his T7 much more on the street, as do I. His recovery was to change the front sprocket from the stock 15.2 to a 16.2 to lower RPM and give the bike a bit longer legs on the road. He also said it helped him off road as he wasn't out there flogging the bike on single track anyway. Has anybody on here done this? What was your experience and thoughts. 


I understand the hardcore off-roaders won't think this is a good idea, but I am no longer one of those. I am mostly street with some mild, off-road thrown in on occasion.


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Yup did it last week - for me it felt much better on the road

quite a few threads on the subject with some guides

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The 6.3% taller gearing change (2.875 vs oem 3.067) seems a very good fit for the T7 & my mostly 70/30 road/dirt biased, solo, minimal technical terrain riding with the lower gears, in particular, now being more usable & stretched out giving the bike a more relaxed demeanor, resulting in smoother throttle response (the Camel ADV 1 finger clutch mod produces lighter lever pull & a wider engagement point that also improves shifting smoothness). 1st gear is now more usable in the city while the ample low down torque, linear powerband & good fueling of the CP2 motor still easily starts in 2nd gear without increased susceptibility to stalling & idles effortlessly in 1st at an indicated 12 kph & in 2nd at 15 kph (my T7 speedo reads about 8-9 kph higher than my gps). 3rd, 4th & 5th become more usable across the board & still provide ample roll on acceleration from 2-3k rpm depending on gear, while 6th now feels more like a hwy gear but still pulls without bucking from as low as 70 kph.  
This gearing, imho, better compliments the T7 CP2 powerband for average pavement/adventure/FSR non-technical use than the 3.067 oem gearing, which tends to encourages short shifting in everyday riding. An ancillary benefit should be improved fuel mileage/range. Overall, I really prefer the feel of the bike now & have not noticed any increased vibration/resonance that a few others have cited (perhaps because I'm using the rubber cushioned version similar to the oem front sprocket)...but can easily revert to oem & shorter gearing if desired. 
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