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CNC aluminium V steel


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What are peoples thoughts on all the CNC stuff we have available for example on Amazon, or AliExp etc.  Things like levers, all look very nice, but can we be confident of the strength etc?  I got some nice brake and clutch levers called Womitech and they're serving me well, but they weren't the cheapest out there.  There are companies putting stuff together such as chain guards, abs sensor protectors, footpegs.  What about gear levers?  Should we stick with a bendable steel item that can get straightened out after an off?  Or would you be confident that a CNC one with a fold-able toe lever would be good too? 

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 10.57.16 pm.png

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Whatever you get, get quality aftermarket parts and not bottom-dollar cheap crap. You’re way more likely to be stranded by an aftermarket, poor quality, part than the OEM stuff. 

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You can't trust the Chinese.

They can produce high quality goods but they mostly do that for western companies who have their own quality control at the site.

On their own they copy and often use inferior materials.

I learned the hard way, first batch was good so i jumped on the second batch which cost me a lot of money when it turned out completely different to the first batch.

Also don't think the most expensive is the best because often you pay more than double because of a name.

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I have inexpensive levers, but they don't see much stress.


If you've ever broken a footpeg coming off a big jump, you might not want cheap footpegs again.

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