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NEW! Gilles Shift Holder Support!


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Hello everyone!


Gilles released a shift holder support for the Tenere 700!  This item is SUPER POPULAR with certain Aprilia models.


What does it do?  You know the splined shaft that comes out of the transmission that the shift knuckle bolts to?  Well, it comes out a fair amount before the knuckle bolts on to it, and since there is nothing to support that "voided" space, it can flex and cause mis-shifts.


On certain Aprilia models, the mis-shifts are VERY frustrating.  It's atrocious, and they NEED this shift support.  On the Tenere 700 it's not as bad, BUT, because I'm using heavy off road boots that may put more pressure on the shifter, I can see it becoming an issue.  I have one on order for me personally, and I thought I'd see if the group would want one also.


The bonus is this new design INCLUDES an all new fancy sprocket cover replacement!


Check it out... (problem area circled in Red).




Let me know what y'all think 🙂


Sign up for a free online account and use coupon code TENERE15 for 15% off!!!




Kind Regards,

- Paul

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