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Short vs. Full Fork Seal Covers


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What is the difference of the Kriega fork seal covers versus the full fork covers from Shock Sox?


Is there a higher or lower maintenance difference or higher protection lower protection scenario?


which one should I get?


thank you

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both of them do one thing: keep Shet out of the seal as much as possible.


Both are not hard to remove, but just your own preference.


Some shock socks require you take the wheel off so you can slide the socks over. There are some which are Velcro for wrapping but they are less water resistance.


Again, either one are okay, but if you "HIGH" protection, then I would say go for the sock but can be a pain if need to change out.


If you want ease of maintenance, the wrap style works better but will be prone to more dirt/water/Shet getting behind the wrap.


my Canadian 2 cents.

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I've never run fork socks of any type and admit the reason I haven't tried them is largely because the three shop owners I know and have ridden with offroad (and there employees) do not use them and state they cause more harm than good. It's been easy to take their word for it since I've had very few issues with fork seals and the issues I've had the seals were the secondary issue, not primary.


I replace seals when I service my forks and I apply/refresh a cross hatch pattern to the chrome inner tubes with lubed 400grit emery cloth when I do.  In the back of my mind I suspect the horror stories about the damage fork socks can cause are likely as overblown as the stories of how they saved a set of seals.  I doubt there is any harm in using them about as much as I doubt they help. 🙂


Flip a coin and go with the result. I say odds are on your side. 🙂

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