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16 tooth chain slack measurement


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What is the recommended standard 43mm-48mm chain slack check if I have a 16tooth primary sprocket fitted. Surely the measurement would be a little more. TIA

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I have a 16 T and keep the same range for the chain. No problem.

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The best way to check chain slack is to put the bike on a lift or center stand, unbolt the lower shock linkage and lift the rear wheel until the countershaft, swingarm pivot and rear axle are in line with each other.  Then you make the chain just loose enough to not put pressure on the sprockets. 


After you do this,  you can come up with a measurement that can be done with the bike on the side stand. 

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Yes my idea, was that with a 16tooth engine sprocket, the basic diameter is slightly larger, and so would affect the factory specs.

The idea to drop the lower spring bolt, and work the suspension up through its full range, and then take a measurement for future reference is obviously the way to go.

I haven't yet greased all the rear linkages, so this will be my next thing on the list.

Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

Cheers Keith

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