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Pennsylvania Wilds BDR-X Loop


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Hope this is the correct place to post this thread, as it was a 730 mile three day trip vs a long distance adventure.


I finally rode the excellent PA Wilds BDR-X earlier this week. For anyone who's never heard of them, BDR-X routes are a new concept from the Backcountry Discovery Route folks, whereby loops which encompass part of individual BDRs are offered.



The PA Wilds BDR-X is a spur off the Mid Atlantic BDR in Pennsylvania designed by one of the original architects of the MABDR.




I lucked out with beautiful weather all three days, following a huge storm two days prior that had downed trees and power lines everywhere along the northern part of the loop. Made one detour from the route when a power company repair guy (their trucks and tree service trucks were plentiful and very busy) warned me there were still many downed lines ahead that would likely be very hard to see unless I was creeping along. Because that meant some could be at body height and not necessarily laying on the ground, I chose discretion as the better part of valor.





Some muddy ruts and water holes encountered from the storm, and of course some rocks too on all the expert sections. That Paddy Mountain Road expert section (not part of the regular MABDR like many sections of the eastern side of the BDR-X) continually kept my attention while descending it, especially after the warning sign at the beginning stating "Very Rugged Trail. Only Specialized 4x4s Recommended".




Highly recommend Crooked Creek Campground in Gaines, PA, just a few miles west of where the BDR-X almost touches PA Rt. 6 at its northernmost point. Second time I've stayed there just after they opened for the season. Very friendly folks who delivered firewood, a fire ring and a picnic table to my primitive tent spot along the river and then checked in on me twice more to see if I needed anything, with no one else camped within two hundred yards of me. They sell an "armful" of firewood for $5, and whoever measures that out has much longer arms than me as I had enough for both evening and morning fires.




I can never get enough of the mountain streams running alongside the route many places in the state forests, plus I also spotted the most serious beaver dam I've ever seen.




The T7, of course, ate everything in stride; from comfortably running 80 mph on a section of highway on the way to the BDR-X start to picking its way through the rocks on Paddy Mtn Rd. The perfect bike for this kind of ride as far as I'm concerned, and exactly why I own one.



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Nice! Thanks for posting report.

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Nothing better than a grassy campsite! 

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