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Removing Rear Wheel for Tire Change

Mike Kansas

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Watched some YouTube videos, however they stop at removal. When taking the rear wheel into a shop for changing, does the sprocket need to be removed? 

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I'd pull it off, sure. It's just a cush-drive, so no tools needed.

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Sprocket doesn't need to be removed from the cush drive. If they are balancing the wheel after the new tire is installed, they might appreciate having the cush with the wheel. As above, no tools needed to remove the cush. If they don't want/need it at the shop, I'd keep it myself. Parts could go missing at the shop if they aren't careful. There is 6 rubber inserts behind the cush that could get misplaced. 

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When you get the wheel off just pull on the sprocket and the whole Cush drive will come off.  

No need to unbolt the sprocket from the Cush drive.  

Do not send the Cush drive and rubbers  with the wheel as it should be balanced without the Cush drive.





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When I drop the bike in for a service, or tire replacement, I'll remove the bash plate myself and leave it at home.  They always have to take that off anyway and the bolts are tricky little things.  I trust myself not to crossthread them but not some 'mechanic'.  Oil changes and tires are often left to the apprentice to do.

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