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Wiring up LED lights


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I have just purchased a set of LED lights that I want to install on my T7. The wiring loom that comes with the lights has the setup shown in the diagram below:




Now, because I do not want to run any cables up to my battery, I will cut the terminals that run up to the battery at the point indicated by the red line I have drawn and connect these to the dedicated 3-pin switched aux connector under the side panel of the bike. 

My question however is what should I do with the two cables (shown in the diagram inside blue area) that were originally intended for getting an on-off switch signal from the ignition since this will now be redundant? Can I simply ignore them and tuck away somewhere on the bike, or if I do not connect these it means that the LEDs will not switch on at all? Am I supposed to connect these cables TOGETHER with the power cables to the 3-pin aux connector?


Appreciate any help. 

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If you want them always on (when the contact is switched on) you don't need the relay.

You can also connect pin R5 & 30 from the relay, (can't really read them but the right two pins))


If you want the lights to be switchable  (when the contact is on)  you need to mount the switch as shown and connect to red wire from the swich to a 12v positive wire (this can also be the positive wire form the aux connector) and the black to ground (this can also be the negative from aux connector)


If you do not connect the wires in the blue circle, the relay won't be switched on and the lights wont work. (referring to this diagram)

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Thanks very much, this does make a lot of sense. 

So, since I do want to keep the On/Off switch on the handlebars, I will take the red cable coming off the switch and join it to the red cable running to the battery (+) and the black cable coming off the switch will be joined to the black cable going to the (-) on the battery and then attach resulting two cables to correct places of the 3 pin connector. Does it matter if joining of the red cables happens before or after the 7.5A fuse?



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I think I’m correct in saying the 3 pin 12v plug has 2 live connections

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Yes, I think you are right @Lewie I can see from T7 Wiring diagram two red connections on 3-pin plug and one black. That's problem sorted in that case. I will plug the two red cables to each of the live terminals and join the two black (ground) cables together to connect them to the ground terminal in plug. 

Thanks to both for your help. 

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If it fits, I would put it after the fuse.

But your fuse is a bit double security because the '3 pin connector ' is also fused in your bike fuse box.



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In that case @Mr. Kwak I guess I might be better off chopping off the in-line 7.5A fuse of the LED wiring, since if there is a short with the LEDs it will be easier for me to access and replace the fuse in the fusebox, rather than locating the fuse on the wiring which might be at this stage tucked away in an inaccessible part of the bike under the side panel. 

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