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Valve adjustment


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As my Tenere was right at 24,000 miles, decided it should have the valve clearances adjusted per the manual. I'm normally a DYIer, and have adjusted many vales on cars, but I took it to the dealer as I didn't want to do that much work. It wasn't cheap, $530 for 3.8 hours labor. I knew it was a bitch to get the cam cover off as I have changed the plugs. To get to the cams  requires removing the radiator, no small job. Talked to the tech when I picked it up: valves clearances were fine, he said they almost always are on these engines and he wouldn't bother to check for another 40K miles. He also said: don't worry if they are making noise, it's when they get quiet they need attention. (clearances too tight) 

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good info to have - thanks for sharing.

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I've had the same experience with yamaha in general. 78'000 miles on my 1200 tenere and valves were still in spec.

Unless your banging it off the rev limiter or never change the oil these shouldn't be a valve Clearance issue.

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