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No effect adjusting preload…

Zebco Kid

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I have a 2022 Tenere. For the first time, I am attempting to adjust the preload as I’m going to do some motorcycle camping, and I want to account for the additional weight. Until now, I have been solo riding with just a little additional weight. 

I watched plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it (first lifting the bike off the rear wheels and measure, then load up, and weight the rear wheel and measure…then do the math and adjust the preload accordingly. 

I understand that the OEM spring might not be enough, and need to be switched. However, in my case, turning the preload knob doesn’t do anything. The measure is the same from fully open to fully closed. That doesn’t seem right. 

What are your thoughts?


Thank you. 

oh…if it makes a difference, I’m only 154 pounds with a moderate amount of gear (tent, bag, pad, stove, change of clothes). 

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are you expecting it to ‘lift’ an unloaded bike ?

if I’m correct your ‘preloading’ it to prevent it compressing more when you pile on more weight

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No….I’m trying to get the spring to compensate for the difference when I’m loaded with gear…just as it is intended. When I turn the preload knob (when loaded..including me and my gear and boots, etc) , nothing changes when I make my measurement.



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Your spring may be maxxed out for your weight class.  If increasing preload doesn't affect height, its your spring that is still compressing.  I went from 22 of 24 clicks on preload to get proper sag with stock spring.  Swapped in a more weight appropriate choice, now I sit at 2 clicks of 24 to get rider sag.  +10 clicks and I compensate for passenger.  +15 clicks and the 2 of us are on the road with full bags and rear box.

Rally raid is where i got the info and spring from.  Also do your fork springs to your weight, balance is key.

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Hey Zebco, I'm about your same weight and live around SF too.

Just to be sure -You're having someone else do the measurements with a solid ruler with same reference points on the bike, etc?


Did you lower your bike by chance?  Those links will alter the spring rate quite a bit.

I was in the same quandry as you.  But the stock spring should be plenty for lighter folks like us.

Just to be sure, use a marker on the upper collar of the shock.  When adjusting the preload you should be able to see a difference in going from max in to max out.  I suspected my preload adjuster was broken until I was able to convince myself otherwise by seeing this change.

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Thanks for your thoughts.


I do have someone else doing the measurements. The ruler is soft (sewing tape/ruler)...but pulled taught.


I have not lowered the bike. I don't quite understand the "marker" comment. I do hear the clicks with the rotation of the adjustment ring...and it does min/max out after being turned fully in one direction or another.


One thought I had is the following:


The Tenere is 452 pounds wet.

I have added a bash plate, crash bars, lights, rear rack, and a few other items, bring the wet weight to 500 pounds exactly.

I'm 154 naked, then adding boots and riding suit, I'm probably 170 pounds +/-

Then the luggage/camping gear...I'll guess 25 pounds


So...with all of that, the spring is now supporting: 695 pounds. Perhaps that's the reason?


What do you think, anything there?



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Mark the inner cylinder just above the top of the spring. As you crank down on preload you should see a space open up there


Given our light weight at baseline, I’d imagine there’s a fair bit of capacity for some extra baggage 


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Interesting. I will check that out. I wonder what the deal is...?


Thank you for the follow up.



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