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Hello from the Bay Area


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Hello! Just picked up my T7 yesterday. I've been riding for 6 years, coming off a 1997 BMW F650. At 5'4, 150lb, the T7 is intimidating to me. I currently have the factory 18mm lowering links installed, raised the front forks up the triple clamp a bit, and had my seat shaved down about an inch or so. With all that, this is still the tallest bike I've ever ridden. I'm excited to learn to become a better rider. I ride mostly on-road with the occasional gravel road but hoping to shift

that ratio a bit. Any tips or critiques are welcome, I don't take things personally!PXL_20230608_000458036.jpg.cdce0d2dc484937c680759453e3ee6c5.jpg

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Greetings from SF!  I lowered mine as well, which makes it quite a bit more manageable.  I'm 5'10" and it still feels like a top heavy beast for me.


We're about the same weight.  You can dial out the preload on the shock as well, which will allow the back to squat down a bit more when you're sitting on it.


Have you found many good offroad trails in NorCal?  I just went to Knoxville OHV to get in my first bit of real dirt riding.

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I don't know if any off-road trails but I am on the look out. Please let me know if you find anything easy for beginners that I could check out in the future. I think it'd be wise for me to spend some time learning the bike on pavement first. I'm also taking it easy until my crash bars come in because I'm 100% sure I'm going to drop this thing.

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