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Solving Exhaust Problem + Pannier Racks


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Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for any assistance. My first post. Just picked up a 2023 Tenere yesterday. I have Dominator headers on the way. I know who my tuner will be. Looking at exhaust options that solve the inherent problem of it being low and wide and still allow for Tusk pannier rack mounting. The HP Corse SP-1 in regular or short is looking like the best option even though I'll have to mess with the right blinker to ensure it doesn't get burned. I don't believe their short will work with racks though. Camel ADV's kit is unsightly and their nicer looking enduro bend kit doesn't retain the passenger pegs or allow for rack mounting. What have you all come up with for a once and done solution? I want my exhaust loud and deep. I want to hear the engine. Hear the differences in gears. Dominator has some options but I'm not liking the sound of the MX-1 and the MX-1 high mount doesn't work with panniers. I really love the Dominator on my 2022 MT-09. Sounds amazing. I always ride with ear plugs. Hope to hear from some of your that have devised a solution! Thank you!

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Looking like the MX-1 high mount may work fine with Tusk racks! It points away from the right blinker too and says 'Tenere' on it. 



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I am going to try this dominator mx high with tusk racks and my tusk top rack. Looks like it will fit from the pics. Thank you! 

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Rally Raid soft pannier racks are very stout, are tapered to stay close to the bike and still provide good clearance for the high Huzar exhaust on my T7. 



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