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Crash bar bolts


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Hi All,


The bolt going through the crash bar and frame into the engine. Is it a different length than the counterpart on the left-hand side?


I got back from a ride last week and it was loose. I looked into it more and the treads were stripped. I put a helicoil in and ran a die around the bolt threads. Just curious if they are different sizes. 


Thanks for any input!


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Great question. I bought the bike with them. That was the one part I noticed was not listed out of all the parts. pic attached. If you have an idea who makes them it would be good to know.


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They are OEM Yamaha crash bars.  And yes, the left hand side bolt is a different length than the right side.  The left is longer.   I had the same issue as you.  Mine stripped as well.  It strips because with the addition of the crash bars, it now has less threads to bite.  When mine was stripped I was able to clean up the threads and just use a longer bolt with some loctite.  There are plenty of threads in there that are unused.

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Awesome good to know. OEM would make sense as they are a bit more flexible than other aftermarket ones I have seen.

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FWIW I had do do the same thing as just described when I installed my OEM bars, the stock bolt has too few threads for the specified torque and stripped. I replaced it with a longer bolt, used less torque, and made a paint mark to watch it. It has not loosened in over 6K miles.

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good to know. I will measure the bolt in the morning compared to the thread depth. I don't know if it's the original bolt or not. If it hits enough threads I will add locktite, if not I will pick one up that can grab at least 12mm of thread.


Appreciate all the help and info!

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