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Rear Brake Disc Replacement Recommendations?


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With 15,000 miles on my T7 now, I just noticed a definite edge on the OEM rear brake disc's circumference. I then measured it with my micrometer, and sure enough the thickness is already .003" below the OEM T7 manual's minimum spec. 


I'd replaced the worn out (and not very impressive) OEM rear pads at about 8k miles with Galfer pads which made a big improvement in rear braking. I've never had a brake disc wear out nearly this quickly on any motorcycle front or rear, so no way am I going to install another disc from Yamaha. 


After doing a quick search on this site, the only mention of a better rear disc I saw was this post a post from @SKIPNOMAD:




Any other real world experiences/recommendations out there for a better rear disc than the OEM item?



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I just replaced mine at 14k miles. It had gotten hot and was discolored. I have recently installed Camel adv brake lever and new pads. It looked good performed well. Except for the disc. Obviously been cooked so I swapped to a fresh aftermarket trw disk. Two thumbs up. The old one had a lip but didn't mic it. Just replaced 

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Wear on the disk  probably greatly increased by the sintered pads. They’d last longer with organic pads. But sintered pads bite like a sports bike but stick to disks after rain, so decisions have to be made. EBC are my go to brake guys. EBC HH sintered pads. They do a range of disks. £70 basic 

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I just have replaced the rear disc on my T7. Had 4 options:


Mt07/ Tracer cheap aftermarket, NG, Galfer and Motomaster


Went for the Galfer cause it had less ventilation holes, and I prefer the feel they give off-road to more ventilated discs. I also fitted Brembo off-road sintered pads, the red ones. 


Brake is transformed, no more mushy feel, it brakes form the first millimeter. 


These are the references in case they are useful:


Rear discs:


Motomaster 110620
Galfer DF469W
NG 1451X

Off road pads: Brembo 07bb02sd

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