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Selling: CNC ultra light multi tool


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As I don't need it anymore maybe someone wants to buy a very good and light (130g) multi-tool.
Bought it several months ago from the Off-the-road.de shop for 80EUR + shipping.
Willing to sell it for 50 EUR + shipping(10EUR).
Location - EU, Latvia
Shipping preferably - within EU/UK.
Description from off the road - 

Aus hochfestem Aluminium 7075 CNC gefrästes Multitool Werkzeug für die Tenere 700. Extrem LEICHT , extrem BELASTBAR , extrem…
CNC milled multi tool / tool, ultra light, Yamaha Tenere 700
Multitool for the Tenere 700 CNC milled from high-strength aluminum 7075.
Extremely LIGHT , extremely DURABLE , extremely VERSATILE !
We mill the tool from heavy-duty 7075 T6 aluminum here in-house. We are 100% convinced of the quality, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee on the tool!
With only 130 grams one of the lightest tools for the Tenere 700. Comparable tools made of steel are significantly heavier. And with only 200 x 45 x 25mm, the tool is also very easy to store under the seat.
The tool has 4 functions - loosening the rear wheel nut, the right axle clamp bolts, the front wheel axle itself and a spoke wrench.
27 mm wrench for the nut of the rear wheel axle
10 mm wrench for the M8 clamping screws of the right axle stub
19 mm allen key for the front wheel axle
6.6mm Spoke Wrench
Material: Aluminum 7075 T6
Anodized surface
Weight only 130 grams!





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Hey any chance you would ship this too the US? 

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