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Footpeg bracket bolts



I don't understand why Yamaha made the top bolt in the footpeg brackets a hexwasher head when the two holding the footpegs on are buttonhead torx. That top hexwasher head is scraping an ugly a groove in the side of my Sedicis that I'm going to have to repair or cover somehow, so I'm thinking of just replacing it with a grade 8 buttonhead of the same length, threadpitch, etc. (probably won't be able to find one in stainless with a torx head, but hex key/allen head is fine). Is there any good reason not to replace this bolt with a buttonhead and does anyone know the torque spec for that bolt? Thanks.

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 I agree, there is an odd-ball use of fasteners, thread pitches and hex size all over the bike. I think off the top of my head the bottom two are M10 fine and the top one M8 course on the footrest bracket.  I have changed a lot of bolts on my bike already to stainless steel with a more common hex size.  


I even found a tamper proof torx head on the airbox .   Why ?   Good luck borrowing one of those if you're somewhere remote, I took it out and put an M6 bolt in. 


Not sure what torque Yamaha recommend, but like other people I think some of the specs are a little too much in many places. Better if you can judge by the feel of the spanner, you'll know when it's tight enough.  An M8 hex bolt and washer will fit in that location and not protrude ( although I have the letters faced off on the lathe) . You could certainly use a button head, personally my only dislike of button heads is they tend to have a small hex size for their diameter, so you will need to always use a good fitting allen key, but they look nice


I would recommend you spend a little time and take out fasteners, coat them with copper slip and put them back in. You'll be glad you did this further down the line.  I've only had this bike a month, its a 2020 with 14,000 miles. A lot of fasteners are showing corrosion, the threads are all bone dry, no grease on anything from the factory.





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