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Dynojet PowerVision 3 with 3 Mapping


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i have a Dynojet PV3 (PowerVision3) for Sale.

its a diagnostic and a flash tool.

It has three Mappings.

Two from micron systems (rally maps for offroadcracks)


  Jetzt geht’s ans Eingemachte und der T7 wird auf dem Prüfstand alles abverlangt. Außerdem wird der erste Prototypen-Rohling hergestellt. Bevor


Technik für Sportmotorräder für Rennstrecke und Straße - Markenartikel von Micron, K&N, Dynojet, Powercommander, Widebandcommander, Nissin, Fren …



and one map from my last dealer (Yamaha Engel Haltern (Germany))

Its a stock map, made a bit richer than OEM.


498€ new


150€  (Negotiation basis)


I have drive the map for the catless Exhaust.

Setup was:

Akrapovic Titanium Can

Akrapovic open Header

TwinAir Kit


Bike is sold and dont need the dynojet anymore and cant use it on my KTM ADV.


Kind Regards David R.





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the PV3 tool is for 2019-2020 T700 (euro 4 bikes).



yes, you need a new license to use it for an other t700.

i think, you can usw the tool for other bikes too, (like Africa twin ...) but have to check which models and which approval the PV3 has.


50-PV3-22-13 (dynojet number)


I cant use this for my 2018 KTM ADV but could buy a PCV like i have use it for my 2014er 1290 SDR Gen1 in the older days before.


sorry for the late answer. dont have get any mail for the post here.



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