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2023 Tenere 700 550km and 2000km


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So mine as well introduce myself and share my experience.



My riding experience started as a kid with close friends and cousin bikes. I got some exposure most of the summers but that’s it, nothing during my mid teens until early 20’s where I bought a used YZ 250, never raced or anything. I rode sand pits, quads trails and off road. I kept it for 3 years ish then later on I got a 450WR used as well, loved it, it's a power house until 110km but then it’s over, so it was too slow unless it was a curvy mountain road, but was lots of fun off-road and in these kinda roads. I also have a XT250 for the wife and myself for putting around and initially get my license.  I guess you could say I like Yamaha’s. I have also drove / tried speed bikes, harley’s, chopper and scrambles. I get very comfortable on the road very quickly with any type of bike.  I am intermediate level rider I would say, very confrontable on a bike on road and off road and in somewhat technical stuff but wouldn't do any racing by any means.



The 2023 Tenere 700 stock (so far) 550km


Very good looking I must say with the bleu painted rims, gold forks and the black and blue body and his wide and tall V shape stance make it very visually appealing.


I got used to it very quickly, despite its height. It has some very ergonomic controls it is very well balance and very good maneuverability, it makes you want to be adventurous but it’s height and high center of gravity keeps you realistic and vigilant. Despite its tires there’s a very good traction in gravel roads not much swaying at all at speed, very impressed. Off road I found the gearing very good I like is short few first gears nothing to say about the suspension good or bad so far on road and off road… I wouldn’t know if I would want to soften it or stiffened it or leave it as is.  I love the torque and its predictability.  The sound is also better in person then in video's the engines is very quiet and has a nice sound.    


The biggest dislike in order are:


-the steps to turn the ABS off, are very annoying should be a button on the handle bar that you could turn off while riding … I would switch the hazard with the ABS button. 


-there’s a bit of a bogs down low, on quick throttle impute…I was told a exhaust and K&N air filters help. we will see next year 


- no cruise control… ordered 


-clutch lever lots of travel and release all at the end... I will get the clutch extension easy soft kit.


-the rear license plate and flasher assembly is not very visually appealing.   


-rear breaks I initially found they where lousy but I made adjustment to my imputes and seem to have improve / got used to it.  


 -paint quality, already scratch the tank a little … ordered the tank pads 


-Tires, for a adventure bike I wish the tires where closer to 50/50 dirt / road oriented


- skid plate, she is pretty flimsy for having the oil filter directly behind the front wheel 


-fuel capacity, I would like to get it increase a little to have at least a 400km range. 


- the seat is pretty stiff but seen worse. 


In summary I would say it a lot of bike for the price tag and a good looking one too but required a lot of accessories / adjustment for shorter guy's like lowering kit and low seat (not my case) and/or in order to use it in it's intended capacity. Can't wait to experience the bike with proper tires and a exhaust and be able to push it once the break in is done.     


will update next year. It will take me a few years to completely built the bike as the accessories prices adds up quickly.


here's a few pictures. 




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I almost have 2000km now, I definitely fell in love with this bike now, I have a HWY trip (600km) and quite a bit of dirt roads miles also, I have driven it in mud and 80km/h wind gust at speed on the HWY and I would describe the tenere as a predictable beast, easy to tame as far as handling goes but command respect (as far as speed goes).  Yesterday I did this ride, that road has lots of corners and hills it started as a first second gear quads trails for the first 1.6km then it goes to a single car wide dirt road and the last 10km its a two car wide road, its crazy that you can drive that thing on 6th gear at 120km/h on a dirt road and check if there is a other gear left... just crazy ... I times myself and well I did this 36km in 32 minutes (with stock tires ). My friends would say I was beating the F out of it but I say I that's what it is made for... I have done this road with a 450wr and the Tenere handling impress me, I know my skills are getting better but this bike is so easy to corner, to execute quick lane changes/avoid objects and going a lot faster then you think you are going... it's just hooked up.      












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