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GPS Wiring


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Hi all. 

I've searched the GPS Wiring topics but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I've got a US 2024 T7 (that's right...I am living in the future) and am trying to hardwire my Garmin 396 to the auxiliary 3-prong plug.  There is a lot of talk about the two-prong plugs, but I don't see one on my bike.  I do have the 3-prongers on either side, so I followed some video instructions and...nothing.  When I start the bike or just turn the key to on, the gps doesn't activate.  I just removed it from my last bike a few days ago so I know it's working fine.  I can even charge it with a USB cable in the house, but nothing happens on the bike. The gps mount's contacts are touching the gps unit, I made sure of that. I have moved the red and black spades around to the various positions on the 3-prong but no luck.  I even tried the 3-prong on the other side of the bike but no luck there, either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, and happy to be here on the forum.

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Did you check the 10 amp fuse?


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BikeBrother!  You just won the Most Helpful Person on the Internet Award!  That was it!  Thank you!!!!


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While I am here I might as well post this pic for other future people.

(BTW, I realize that the female coupler is not attached in the photo.  This was when I was experimenting with which wire goes where.  It might even explain why the fuse blew.)


At the top of the inverted triangle in the male half of the coupler, the black wire goes to the right, the red to the left.

The fuse is Fuse #9, a 10 A fuse.  It is called the "accessory" fuse in the owner's manual.  There was an extra 10 A fuse in the other fuse box, which was handy.  They are all located under the saddle and are smaller than traditional automotive fuses.

Accessory 3-Prong Connector.jpg

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