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Engine Oil Synthetic vs Mineral

Lyfe BehindBars


Hi all,


may be to early to ask this. What kind of oil can you use? I've always used synthetic where allowed, any info on what kind of oil we can use in the T7?








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Not sure exactly what you are asking, 
Are you asking can you break in the new engine using synthetic oil?  

If that is the case,
For the break in period I would go with exactly what the engine came with from the manufacturer. 
The T7 will come with Yamalube in it, which is a mineral oil.  For the break-in period I would put in exactly that.
When my bike arrives, I will be putting in yamalube until its broken in, after which I will be putting in Amsoil full Synthetic oil. 


If you are asking what oil can you put in, in general?  Synthetic vs Mineral? 
You can put in whatever oil you would like, just following the manufacturer recommendation for weight and engine oil designed for a wet clutch system, thats it.  After that, its up to you. 



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During the break-in period I felt the gear changes were "notchy".At the first service (1000 kms) the dealer put in Motul 5100 semi synthetic which helped minimise the effect. At 3500kms I changed the filter and used Yamalube full synthetic 10w-40, the difference was very noticeable, gear changing now much smoother. I read loads of stuff on forums and the internet regarding oil and its mind boggling the amount of differing opinions. Dealerships have contrary views and it's tough to know where to look for serious advice. If in doubt follow the manufacturers instructions. (sorry in advance for the last tongue in cheek remark)

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For me personally I will be using a good quality semi synthetic as I do on my other bike.

As the Tenere only has 2.6 litres anyway, I will change the oil at 3000 miles.

Everybody has their own opinion on oil, it will be fine as long as the minimum specs are met.

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I'll be using Penrite PAO Ester in mine, nothing but the best and the same oil I run in my Ducati Monster.

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