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valve adjustments


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I see a few posts claiming their valves were all within spec during the service.   Has anyone actually had to have any adjustments?  Seems the suggested interval (~25k miles) may be a bit premature.

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I've wondered the same thing.  I would love to see how many CP2 engines  actually have to have the valves adjusted  at 25K.  I know my FJR has nearly 80K on it and I have done 2 valve checks on it but it has never had to be adjusted.  2 different engines but both built by the same awesome company 😀

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HI, I am currently in the middle of doing my valve clearances at 24,000 miles and they are all a bit tight, so yes, I would say they want checking to be sure.

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At 42k km two of mine were out of spec and the other 6 were close to being out of spec, so the mechanic reshimmed them all . He had to reshim another T7 a month earlier.

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