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Just so I know where to look for these- Started A thread

OK I’ll start.

  “   The production of all T7s has been cancelled till the full impact of the Corona Virus is understood.”

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 “No way! My dealer assured me my shinny   new bike would be here tomorrow!”

    See how this works?

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not a big surprise

I actually asked Yamaha a couple days ago

"Our original communicated timeline is early summer, and there is no newer announcement at present."

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Even if they stick the bikes onto a ship, just off the coast of Japan, they would only be in quarantine for 2 weeks or so?...
a few airbox intake, maybe throttle body swabs, the bikes prove to be problem free, and on they go....
Maybe, once they arrive in Canada, they'll stick em on some army base, where they get ridden savagely for another 2 weeks (by volounteers who agree to stay in quarantine with the bikes for the duration)....

On the bright side, they'll be well broken in by the time they arrive.....

So, hopefully only a small delay, and a free engine break in?



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I heard a rumor that the first shipment of Canadian T7s were to be quarantined in Baja where the desert heat will be sure to kill any stray germs.


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