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T7 Decal Kit Options- Good Quality only


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Greetings all.


I'm looking for a good quality decalkit for the Tenere 700.


Maybe you guys with knowledge about this can help me and others with company info, website... ASO.




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I can recommend (search for 'Tenere 700' and you'll find them!)

RACE-STYLES® konzipiert hochwertige DIRTBIKE-DEKORE. Wir beraten kostenlos + individuell. Tägliche Produktion + weltweiter Versand für KTM, Aprilia, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Honda, Suzuki, SWM, MZ, TM, Kawasaki, Beta, GasGas, KSR, Generic


Nice fit, good quality vinyl and printing. 


If I'm being uber critical then I'd say that the tank section could do with more relief cuts where it wraps around the curved tank line next to the radiator guard. The material will lie flat with plenty of heat, but I have found that the creases still pop back with a bit of cold weather. If I were to go again I'd cut a couple extra in myself before application just to give the material somewhere to go and reduce the bunching.


I also chose to round off the sharp points of tank graphics to a 10-15mm radius to reduce the risk of them lifting down the road.


Other than that, the only trimming I did was to one of the side panel graphics which ended up a little long across the bottom edge but that was down to me using a bit too much heat and over-strectching the graphic ! 


Before these I also bought a set of graphics from Decal Moto:



Scegli il Kit adesivo per la tua Moto, auto o camper. Questo e altro su adesiviestampe.it - decalmoto.com


I wouldn't recommend these unless you are up for a fair amount of fiddling and trimming yourself.


The side panel graphics (between your knees) just don't fit, hole alignment is out and the holes that are there are too small.


Can you spot the missing hole on the upper radiator panel decal?!




There were other areas of poor fit apart from these so, I ended up giving up on them and going for the Race-Styles graphics instead.


On the plus side, the material is good quality and the printing is good, and they are a fair bit cheaper than Race-Styles.


I also considered these:

Crispy Designs | Specialist in custom KTM 690 & Adventure decals & graphics


No personal experience with them, but @CamelADV appears to have a custom printed set on his bike if you look at the images carefully on his website the cut appears to be quite good:



Expected shipping date March 13th!PLEASE WATCH THE PRODUCT INTRO VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE BEFORE ORDERING! Some people love the look of the factory low fender on the Yamaha 700 Tenere, not us, we much prefer the more aggressive look of the high supermoto style fender! Whether you...


In the end I went for the Race-Styles ones by virtue of him offering fitting service, and I've seen videos of him fitting graphics to a T7 at one an exhibition (EICMA I think) so that gave me confidence that the cut must be ok.


Cheers, Mike

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